Featured Artists

Shane Couch

The sea has held Couch’s fascination, from the stories of the naval experiences of his elders, to growing up in the storied port of Liverpool.. While working as an aeronautical engineer, he pursued his art. Without any formal training Shane Couch began showing at the Isle of Wight, Cowes in 1992. Within two years he established himself as a full-time professional artist.

Full of exacting detail, he expands beyond mere draftsmanship to impart creative, fluid visions of the sea and superb compositional arraignments. His theory is that the yachts and ships must be painted as they were built, in layers from the keel up. His work is sought the world over. Shane is considered to be among the best of today’s marine artists, with outstanding market potential, His original paintings are in important private and corporate collections and also in the permanent collection of the Minnesota Maritime Museum.