'Dive into Summer' Exhibition

On until Saturday July 27th

The 'Dive into Summer' Exhibition....

...is all about the beauty of the Island in high summer. All things coastline, beach, shore, sand between the toes, long views and big skies. The days of much activity inshore and offshore. The patterns, the colours the moments of connection with nature and closing your eyes in the warm sunshine..

On until Saturday July 27th : )

Well..whether the sunshines or not theres plenty of things to do to enjoy the outdoor life and activities and a chance to reconnect with you and find yourself again.

The artists that are making that all possible in this exhibition are -

Amanda Wheeler - Amanda captures the Island in all its coastal glory with a palette of rich blues and warm summer greens, turquioses and yellows. Small and large works available. Get youre sunshine here !! : )

Daphne Ellman SWA - Daphne's talent stretches across a wide range of subjects and media. Thus time she has focused on Island and coastline scenes with the magic of a hint of gold and the hints of zappy hidden colours brought forth from rocks and water. Colours which change with the light. Some beautiful work. Small sized jewel like pieces.

Charlotte Hodge Thomas NAPA - Some sublime work by Charlotte. With one piece never before seen in exhibition. come a long and see if you can guess which one it is ... The fantastic details and colours in her pieces on show delight the eye and wow the mind. Must be seen in person.

Bethany Moore - Bethany is a new artist to the Gallery and what a selection she has produced : ) Her style flickers between the Detailed and very lifelike and the more impressionist feel of her water and waves.Light and reflection catch her eye but she is also fascinated by the way we interact with the beach and coast. The freedom children feel and the dreamy mind set we fall into as we look along the beach...

Harriet Hue - Harriet's new works.. from BIG stripey out to sea views with their miriad of colours to local views of the Island in gorgeous detail and then her well known 'little people' beach views are all so different from each other but so Harriet. She can turn her brush to most styles and mediums and is eternally experimenting and stretching her creative ability to discover more and more.

Philip Chambers - A very new artist to the Gallery !  He came along a week before this exhibition and blew me away with his colours and palette knife applied impressionist style. Theres a story behind why these pieces are even more special and if you want to here about Philip pop into the gallery, take a look and ask me : ) I'll be pleased to tell you about this artist. You'll be amazed.