How to commission an artist

We often get people who come into the gallery who have a particular image in their head that no one has seemed to have painted yet. Or maybe we have had a painting in the gallery in the past that they have loved but have missed their chance at buying and really want another chance at something similar.

Well commissions are a surpringsly easy way to solve these problems. If you are one of the people from the first group you are going to have the most fun with this as you get to look through all the artists on the website, or in the gallery and chose the particular artist you most prefer. Once you have chosen an artist the next step is to get in touch with us. The majority of our artists are more than happy to do commissions and through the gallery will work with you to capture the image you are thinking off. A myth buster about commissions is that although the artist is working alongside your ideas they do not charge anymore than they would for the size you are asking for.

If you are from the second group of people I am sorry you did not get the painting the first time round. We will work with you and the aritst  to get the same painting again as we work with original paintings rather than prints the picture will of course not be exactly the same. The way to look at this is do you really want an exact replica of a painting someone already has? Hopefully the answer will be no as it is much more exciting to have an original piece of work hanging on your wall for you to enjoy for years to come!

In both cases the only thing you have to consider is the time it will take to do the piece. If it is for yourself and you are just wanting that perfect painting and you are happy to wait that is fine. If it is for a special occassion for a friend or family member please do give us as much advance notice as possible as we do not want to rush something that you have put so much thought into.

I do hope this has convinced you that a commission might be the right choice for you and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact the gallery were we will be more than happy to help.