Featured Artists

Lynn Young


I have been working as an artist since 2006. Self taught, I tend to work mainly in acrylic and mixed media for my 2D pieces and denim and other fabrics for 3D.



I have been commissioned by the British shirt company, Thomas Pink to create two window campaigns, using my Union Flag paintings, one being for the London Olympics/ Queen’s Jubilee.
My current proudest moment has to be when they started using a pink Union Flag of mine in all of their stores globally, as part of their signature ‘codes’. It has sometimes been reproduced to several metres wide and tall. Thomas Pink also have half a dozen of my denim bulldogs keeping guard.
I am currently creating abstract sea and landscapes. Living on the Island makes it hard not to be influenced by the beautiful surroundings and ever changing land/seascapes of our shores.
 I am excited about how this will develop in the future, although I still enjoy creating my ‘Splatty Boats’ as I refer to them!!.