Featured Artists

Angela Sowden

After graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 1996, I enjoyed a long, creative career as a printed textile designer, only switching to fine art seriously in 2019. This creative learning journey is never ending and as my focus changes, this has never been more apparent. Every day that I draw, paint or observe is an education!
I am captivated by sea, sky and coast. The transforming moods can be dramatic, wild and serene in equal measure. I enjoy big skies, changing weather and endless horizons but am equally inspired by the intricacy of cliff top grasses, hedgerows and pebbly rockpools. I find the chaos of nature infinitely beautiful and challenging.
I mainly work in acrylic but happily mix media these days in whatever way feels good and right for the results I am after. My art practice revolves around walking a lot, observations made while out, sketching a little, taking notes and lots of photographs but mostly I try to just look and absorb, preferring to translate that feeling when back in the studio.