Featured Artists

Steve Kinder

“The soul needs to look out at things and find rest and peace and beauty in the things that the eyes are seeing.”
Anna Pavord
Steve has always found great comfort and joy being outdoors and part of the landscapes and beachscapes he portrays so well. They are the inspiration for his paintings large and small.
His work is a reaction to the essence of a place visited.
Steve says..
"Because I work mainly on location - En Plein air - I need to work with speed and expression to capture the
often-changing light and moment in time. my technique would be best described as loose and impressionistic."
He works mainly in oils and finds that this expressive form of painting helps him to connect to his senses and express how he feels about a place. He can be stopped in his tracks by a view or the light on water, creating a particular mood or atmosphere. He then works quickly in response, to capture that moment of wonder before the light or weather shifts and that moment has passed.
He says..
"Some of these places I have re-visited time and again and it is through my exploration and reflections that I have developed a deep understanding of the particular places and their character."
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