Featured Artists

Ann Hawksley

Ann obtained BA Hons from Maidstone College of Art in 1973. After teaching art in Leeds, she and her sister worked as storyboard artists in London. In 1984 she concentrated on portrait painting before diversifying into other subject matter whilst still working to commission.

“My work is figurative but retains some ambiguity. My style is painterly and I work with strong light and shade. I hope my painting is more about suggestion than explanation and my figures are gestural rather than detailed. The body language of children is a fascination.”

Subjects include Children Crabbing, Beach Scenes, Ballet Rehearsals, French Parks, Sicilian Facades, Richmond Park, and large canvas Portraits.

Ann has exhibited widely; at galleries in Wimbledon, Clapham, Barnes, Kingston, The Affordable Art Fair and the Isle of Wight. In addition she also takes part in the Artists open house annual event.

Her contemporary Impressionistic style evokes emotional connection. She is a master of the descriptive brush stroke and light and shade to suggest form and movement.

She takes part every year in charity exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries and the Royal College of Art and is a member of the Chelsea Art Society.

She was awarded the De Morgan Prize for Painting and The CAS Prize for Painting