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The advances in the digital world have transformed how I approach illustration and I relish the freedom it has given me. Inspired by David Hockney on his iPad and repeatedly 'Googling' how to use it, I have used the iPad to build up and produce most of my current pictures.

I started as a freelance illustrator after studying at Southampton Art College for four years. I then worked both full and part time (fitting around my family of three children and husband) for mainly London publishers, predominantly, Usborne publishing. My medium then was concentrated watercolours which faded badly in the light, but were ideal for publishing. The Giclee printing on archival matt paper that I now use, manages to retain the clarity and brightness that I strived for but should be far more reliable over many years.
No Man's Lands Fort 
Touch and go off Ryde Sands as yachts tack along the contours against the tide in the final dash to 
the Cowes finish line. 
Hurst Narrows 
Avoiding the notorious 'Trap' off Hurst spit, yachts funnel through the frequently turbulent and 
constricted waters of Hurst Narrows, close tacking for the optimum position on to the run to the 
Needles.HRH Harry can be seen crewing on Invictus.
The Needles
The Needles lighthouse is an awesome and iconic sight as you head towards the sheltered waters of the Solent. First though, with its guidance you have to navigate the hazardous rocks, wrecks and sandbanks that lie around the entrance to the Needles channel. However in the right conditions its a thrilling place to be.          
Round the Island
I have been fortunate to have participated in several 'Round the Island' races  off the Isle of Wight.  I wanted to design an image that conveyed the enthusiasm of both professional and amateur crew who get up at the crack of dawn to create to me one of the most amazing sights in yacht racing.
Scooter rally
Since 1980, up to seven thousand dedicated scooter riders have made the annual August Bank Holiday pilgrimage to the Isle of Wight, focusing on Ryde. It makes a fantastic sight and is one of the world's largest gatherings of vintage and modern scooters.          
Generations of families return annually to the Edwardian village to participate in traditional seaside activities during the school holidays. The SVOD's and Mermaids epitomise the fiercely contested races in blustery breezes off the Debnego and No Man's Fort.
The hectic 'toing and froing' of preparing, sailing and returning dinghies during the Sail Training Weeks, create a vibrant, buoyant scene in the harbour.
Cowes RYS
Organised chaos, a 'General Recall' with the classic XOD's....
I wanted to recreate the liveliness of the ancient harbour town of Yarmouth, the old buildings and pier, the bustling harbour and the numerous activities on and off the water.
Cowes (Norris Nadgers!)
Strengthening tides, uneven depths and fickle winds bait the crews during the Tuesday night racing off Norris Castle.
St Catherines Lighthouse
Situated on the most southerly point of the Island it guides seafarers around the dangerous over falls and rugged coastline. A half way point in the annual Round the Island race.
Quay Rocks - Seaview II
On a glorious mid-summers day with the tide up, it’s hard to beat such a quintessential Island scene in this Edwardian Seaside village.
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