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Nichola Roe







I think it was inevitable that one day I'd start painting. I’m very much influenced by my Dads creative ‘can do’ attitude including his ability to create the perfect Ice skating skirt for undulating when spinning which ultimately lead me to my first career which was in fashion! He is where I get my creative genes from. From those early days making skating costumes in the 80's and making my own clothes, I progressed to college, gained a 1st Class Honours degree in Fashion and had a successful career for the next 17 years. 





Fast-forward to today, and I co-own an independent wine shop - well, if you're going to be your own boss, better choose something you love! My 'day job' allows me the time to paint. We're not short of inspiration here on the Island and I've always loved living by or close to the sea, so seascapes naturally attract my eye, that, and the dramatic skies which often go hand in hand. Living in Cowes, I could hardly fail to appreciate the spectacular craft which ply the waters here, hence their inclusion in many of my paintings. 

I get a great deal of pleasure from successful completing a painting. The journey of each painting is so individual, and personal. I’m particularly drawn to light diffused through clouds at sunrise and sunset or reflected on the seas surface. Each piece is its own adventure for me. I’m grateful that I have a supporting family and friends who constantly reassure me to 'trust the process' when I’m developing a new piece!