Featured Artists

Caroline Ratcliffe

Caroline, an emerging artist, has always had a love for the sea. The mystery of the ocean first captured her heart when she lived in Australia.  She shares this passion of the sea through the medium of resin.  With multiple layers of pigmented resin, she creates the life, serenity and power we feel when we gaze at the mystery of the sea.  Those with a love for the ocean and its beauty will recognise the complexity in her work. 

Caroline’s sense of self is very present in each of her pieces.  Her creative process is more like a conversation with herself where colour takes the place of words and through this process, Caroline is able to visually express her emotions. 

Caroline is a relatively new Isle of Wight resident and has discovered the same sense of peace from the ocean can be found in the trees and open spaces on the island.  She is happy to call the Isle of Wight her home and be part of the artistic community here.