Featured Artists

Penny Absolom

Fairly new to the island, Penny moved here late 2014 after completing her studies at Falmouth school of Art. Born in Reading, inspired by her Mother’s accomplished art career, she has honed her talent from a very young age.

Her fascination for the natural world has greatly influenced her strong desire to create. Lured and intrigued by the aesthetics of colour and observing intricate beauty she portrays naturally occurring dramatic light effects that leave you in awe. Penny uses a sumptuous educated range of colour and builds a great depth of detail within her work. She is also a keen explorer of her surroundings and reference photographer.

Prior to her studies, previous employment as an interior designer has enriched her experimental need for variety. As a professional she creates a range of luxurious textile products, exquisite appliques, pastel and acrylic paintings, a master of mixed media.

Exhibiting across the country since she was 15. Shortlisted for David Shepherd’s Wild life Artist of the Year. Her work is selected on the BBC’s website.

Commissions can be taken on. Please contact the gallery to arrange.