Featured Artists

Heather Wilson



Heather has been creative all her life, if she isn't making music then she is drawing, painting or potting.

Having worked in ceramics for 10 years she then decided to develop her pencil drawing skills by having some intense tuition. This was closely followed by experimenting with watercolour before finally settling on acrylics.

 Being impatient, the drying speed of Acrylic suits her, as did the appeal of the vibrant colours.

She painted for her own pleasure in the beginning but was persuaded to make some work commercially available. Its great to beable to share her great sense of humour and characterisation skills.

She takes her inspiration from the sea including its moods and movement, and the unexpected colour shots found in morning and evening skies from both on the shore and from her own yacht.

However her greatest commercial success has been from the humorous observation of the seabirds, particularly Gulls, having decided that they behave badly regularly and party at every opportunity! at every opportunity.

This was initially inspired by returning to her tender, moored in the middle of a harbour to find it contained empty beer cans, cigarette packets and the odd fish!

Heather is also a keen guitarist and keyboard player and still performs in public in a blues band.

She undertakes commissions when time allows.