Featured Artists

Daphne Ellman SWA

Due to Daphne's fathers employment she spent her childhood moving around England. Whilst challenging at the time it opened her eyes to the diversity of landscape we have in our country. A love of animals and a natural ability to draw combined together and she began her artistic journey. 
Daphne says "From roaming the hedgerows for reference of birds, squirrels, mice etc. I discovered the beauty of the trees and plants, the wider vista, the farmyard and so on. One thing lead to another and I had to paint them."
In her mid twenties she made a leap of faith and made painting her living. Securing a place with an agency and becoming an illustrator producing artwork for companies around the world for the next 30 years. Increased and varied subject matter along with various new mediums resulted.
Moving to the Island in 2005 lead to her discovering - the coast! Now she concentrates on the work she wants to produce. This encompasses all her experiences of the past with continuing experimentation and evolution.
Daphne is a natural teacher and regularly teaches art to adults. This challenges her to find ways to help others to hone their skills. In that process she often finds new methods and ideas for works too.
Daphne's work has been purchased by many and has found its way to all four corners of the globe. She feels lucky to have  had many articles published and have been included in books written by others. Her skills have been recognised as an elected member of the Society of Woman Artists (SWA) and you can also find her in the Who’s Who of Art. 
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