Featured Artists

Leanne Courtney - Crowe

"I love the fact that creativity is not just about producing the art; it’s about giving someone a connection, either visually or emotionally." 

In 1992 Leanne enrolled on an art foundation course in Cheltenham, then progressed to ceramic design at Falmouth School of Art and Design in Cornwall and finally returned to Cheltenham to complete a visual arts degree in 1997. After spending the next 24 years helping young minds grow at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, she returned back to painting, which is now a major part of her life. 

Nature, being her main source of inspiration keeps her grounded and is extremely grateful to have connections with the Cotswolds, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. These places have provided Leanne with endless sea views, floral source material from some stunning gardens and inspiration for her more abstract work.

Leanne's paintings based on water, floral or abstract are created using either, oils, acrylics or mixed media. Painting on various sizes of canvas, paper or board helps her give each painting a fresh approach, and she provides work with a size and budget to suit everyone.