Featured Artists

Leanne Courtney - Crowe


With spending time between the island and the Cotswolds Leanne's art work has developed from her love of nature. After studying ceramic design at Falmouth School of Art and Design she moved from Cornwall to Cheltenham to developing her painting. During her degree course Leanne used various mediums including acrylic, oil, and mixed media which she still uses today.


Having lived by the sea for several years this has been a huge influence. The coast of Cornwall and the Isle of Wight being the main source of inspiration for her seascape work. Her love of the sea ensues and when on the island with her family, it's a time to gather source material using her photography skills.

"We walk past inspiration every day and are blinkered to some of the most amazing things. I have found it exciting in the ongoing development of my work and my love affair with nature that the beach and its contents has been a constant source of inspiration."