Featured Artists

Raymond Burt

My working life was primarily in Aviation with painting and drawing being relegated to a hobby. However, over the years I have completed many commissions in Oils, Watercolours, Pen and Ink and now Acrylics, featuring many diverse subjects such as portraits, landscapes, buildings and illustration.

I retired and found myself having more time for my art. Although I paint local scenes and belong to the Bembridge Art Society I have come to the conclusion that I am, if nothing else, a passionate realist, which in the mainstream art world at this juncture, is not an asset worthy of promoting.

For myself there is nothing more wonderful than to view a painting that is so accurate, detailed and beautifully accomplished that it comes to life.

When painting still life's I try in each composition to incorporate a theme or be thought provoking rather than having just a group of objects. I'm not looking for photo-realism as the eye captures much more than the camera.

In my Local Scene paintings I try to create the calm reflective feelings one can experience when out on a warm summer’s day on an island beach.

I believe that time and quantity is not important if quality is the goal.