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Raymond Burt

My working life was primarily in Aviation with painting and drawing being relegated to a hobby. However, over the years I have completed many commissions in Oils, Watercolours, Pen and Ink and Acrylics, featuring many diverse subjects such as portraits, landscapes, buildings, illustration etc.

I retired and found myself having more time for my art. I have come to the conclusion that I am, if nothing else, a passionate realist, which in the mainstream art world at this juncture, is not an asset worthy of promoting, it would seem.

For myself there is nothing more wonderful than to view a painting that is so accurate, detailed and beautifully accomplished that it comes to life.

When painting still life's I tried in each composition to incorporate a theme or be thought provoking rather than having just a group of objects. I wasn’t looking for photo-realism as the eye captures much more than the camera.

I intend to move away from Still Life painting to a more challenging subject of, animal conservation

I hope I can do it justice, watch this space !

I believe that time and quantity is not important if quality is the goal.