Artists Agent.

Artists Agent.

We are Artists Agents.

Seaview Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with the best local artists who either live on the Island or have strong ties to the island. Styles range from Realism to Impressionism to Abstract and Digital.

We are Agents to all the Artists on our books. 

If you wish us to be your Agent and represent your works then you need to approach us firstly by email introducing yourself, giving your contact details and including some images along with details of title, size, medium, framing, price. You will be contacted by return and an appointment made to meet at the Gallery.

Email : 

If your work fits with the Gallery ethos and subject matter is suitable you will be offered the opportunity to consign work to the Gallery. At this point a Gallery Agents Agreement will be signed by us both outlining expectations on both sides. Whenever you deliver work to the Gallery you must include a delivery form/note and information on the work and what has inspired you.

At no point do Artists artworks belong to the Gallery. When noting sales made by the Gallery in your accounts you are the 'principle'. You must declare the full cost of each piece and claim the Gallery Commission as your expense.

Regarding insurance in the Gallery - if there was for example a fire in the Gallery and your works were destroyed then your claim would be for the artists percentage of the selling price not the full price as the Gallery at no point owns your work.

All artists must provide an artists statement explaining what makes you create what you do plus mentioning a few of your achievements to date for the Artists Seaview Art Gallery Website page plus a CV detailing training, exhibitions the Gallery has information to print off for customers/clients and prospective new Clients.

Payments for paintings sold will be paid to the artist in the first week of the month following the month it sold in. At this time a Commission invoice will be drawn up by the Gallery to show the sales, payments to the Artist and commission owed to the Gallery Agent.

I look forward to hearing from you  : )