Featured Artists

Josh Hibberd

Lover of the out door life, a surfer and Landscape gardener. Josh is a free spirited creative using aerial views, showing natures designs and colours. He expresses the movement and beauty of the sea, surf and coastline and our interaction with it.

Josh creates his top down paintings from images he takes from his drone. He paints in acrylics on a variety of sizes of canvas. Adding small details which delight the eye and surprise you. From surfers carrying their boards to the water with long shadows...to a patchwork of colourful towels and parasols on the beach with the sun at full height. You will be transported to the shore, the sights, smells, sounds, colours and textures you find there. Josh's works will perfectly bring the calm and peace of the coast into your home.
He regularly walks the Islands beaches and surfs, on his way he collects up debris and plastics as well as the drift wood which he also uses to paint on. Doing his bit to keep the beaches and water clean and getting inspiration along the way.
Josh has been featured in Coast Magazine, exhibited at Brick Lane Gallery, London.
Commissions can be arranged, please contact the Gallery for details. You can be in the painting on your paddle board, surfing, swimming, particular coloured towels or Parasols on the beach etc. Which is your favourite beach? Which place is important to you. Big or small Josh can capture that scene and memory for you.
It's well worth popping into the Gallery to have a close up view of Josh's work to see the details and get the 'in person' impact of the works. It is Josh's first season working with us which we are very excited about : )