Featured Artists

Carolyn Pavey

Pure observation is the essence of my work, whether it is a landscape, portrait or still-life; and it usually starts with my sketchbook and pencil.

I particularly enjoy drawing and then re-drawing a composition until a balance is achieved. Sometimes this is done directly with a brush on to a canvas using my initial sketches as a starting point.

For me, this is the only way I can maintain a sense of energy in a painting; essential if I am to fully capture the atmosphere I wish to portray.

"Becoming well known for my larger works has encouraged me to push the boundaries with colour and composition. I enjoy layering on the paint to express both the dramatic and the more subtle nuances of the ever changing landscape, be it on the Isle of Wight or working abroad."

In short, Carolyn likes the viewer to be drawn into the painting, and to therefore almost become part of it.