Warm Spring Light

Sat 9th April til Mon 25th April - Andrew Hird, Sue Stitt, Kate Richardson, Angela Sowden

Warm Spring Light brings to mind that turn in the weather as the shadows are still wintery but in the Sunlight a tantalising hint of warmth of the summer to come. Light glimmers off water and grass grows green and lush. The lighter weight coats come out of the closet and footwear is swapped from wellies to trainers or even sandles on a particularly warm day.

All this has been brought to life by the Gallery's many talented local artists and imparticular the 4 featured artists who are -

Andrew Hird - Evocative, impressionist local views and views of Venice and London. Capturing the Island, city and venetian spirit exactly. Lovely natural light and expert detail in the shadows shows just how much Andrew loves his subjects. You'll often see him out painting enplein air in and around Seaview and Ryde.

Sue Stitt - Digital Art Limited Edition Prints. A contemporary look to the old Travel posters of the early 20th Century. Lots of beautiful Island views and sailing events. The new piece is Cowes Parade. Click on Sue's name on the left of the page to go to her page. Ditto all artists.

Kate Richardson - Big and beautiful Kate's work is all about the colour and energy of a life afloat. As a keen sailor Kate knows her subject well and has a keen eye for colour combining. The energy in her brush strokes is enticing.

Angela Sowden - Angela's seacsapes are a joy to behold and calm the soul and any room they are hung in. Beautiful light and subtle changes in tone to denote depth of and reflection on water are expertly portrayed. Local headlands and cliffs place the piece but its all about the beach and glistening water.

Enjoy viewing the works online. You can reserve or just make contact via email, facebook etc etc with a question. For a closer look please come to the Gallery..look on the Contact Tab for open hours and other details.