Warm Breezes, Cool Water..

Weds 19th Aug - Fri 28th Aug 2020

Whether you are on shore with the warm breezes caressing your skin and lifting your hair or off shore looking back at the beauty of the coastline and stretches of sand and glittering water you cannot fail to be fully aware of your senses and at one with nature. Colour, Texture, Reflection and Refraction delight the eye...

Featured Artists

Shane Couch - Well known internationally for his maritime works and instinctive affinity with the sea and natural ability to capture reflections of light Shane has created some beautiful local Seaview scenes by painting from the on the water perspective looking back to the land. He has captured Seaview in the sun in its finest gown and the excitement of being amongst the racing boats - Mermaids and SVODs. Its no surprise he is the official international Schooner Associations Artist and exhibits and sells his work on the Island where he resides, London, Cornwall and America. Not to mention the commissions he undertakes that go to all over the world.

Daphne Ellman SWA - Daphne moved to the Isla of Wight and her surroundings profoundly changed her focus from the hedgerow and field to the coast and moving water. She is a multi talented artist who can turn her hand to most subjects. Her colour palette is vibrant but with a dreamy quality. Her details are excuisite and her connection to the scenes and animals she paints is obviously strong and an important part of her work. With these works she has subtly captured the feel of the place, the texture of the sand and water and the details to place the views are immediately recognisable.

Lynn Young - Lynn has long been a much requested artist at the Gallery. She has a variety of mediums in which she excells from amazing life size Bull dogs decorated with all sorts of finishes to Island and coastal views in an Abstract Impressionist style to her semi abstract Sailing pieces she always surprises and delights with each new selection of works. As with most artists on Seaview Art gallery's books Lynn enjoys working to commission and is able to also use colours and tones in a piece to blend with your interior to make a piece even more bespoke. Please get in contact for more information.

As it is high summer there are a lot of other artists also on show and the Gallery is crammed to the rafters with amazing art, jewellery, antique gifts, collectibles and other beautiful things...come a long to view.. check out our open days and times on the Contact Tab at the top of the page... : )