Summer Reflections - Charlotte Hodge Thomas NAPA, Harriet Hue and Lynn Young

Thursday 1st Aug - Weds 7th Aug

Thursday 1st August - Weds 7th August sees the start of the 'Summer Reflections' Exhibition. Charlotte Hodge Thomas NAPA, Lynn Young and Harriet Hue all feature. Expect vibrant abstract works, perfect summer skies, calm water reflections and glittering sunlight.
For opening times and contact go to seaviewart.co.uk
Harriet's work sings off the canvas with a mix of beautiful natural tones and super eye popping shades that make you want to immerse yourself in the scene and the water itself and be at one with the feel of the piece. Water lapping around your ankles...hot sun on your shoulders...sea breeze in your hair...
Charlotte's detail and talent for colour combining create the perfect mix of recognisable view and restful connection. Her smooth application of colour and clever, sometimes minute, additions place you in the scene, calming the spirit...
Lynn Young's semi abstract style is pure home decorators eye candy. Brilliant colour combinations and the use of calico and denim add texture and a 2D or 3D feel. Well presented with dynamic sails, many layered tones and shapes. 
Call in to the Gallery to view and say hello OR take a look at their work on this website and contact us direct for courier details, pay over the phone etc. 
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