Show Stoppers !

Sat 29th May til Sat 12th June

This Exhibition is all about adding a wow factor to your room and having a show stopping piece you will love for many years to come. We have a selection of works from the Islands most popular, most accomplished and talented artists. Theres bound to be something here you will love. Brighten your life by taking one home or just come in to have a look and get inspired. All the works are under the artists name on this website. Just click on their name on the left hand side of the page.

The artists featured are -

Ray Burt - You have to see Rays work as it looks so real and is so cleverly put together you have to marvel at the genius behind it. These are the last of Ray's still life studies as he is transferring his attention to Wild life and the preservation of endangered species. Come and see the spectacle of Rays works.

Shane Couch - King of rolling surf and super real seascapes and beachscapes. 3 new waves have rolled and swirled into the Gallery for this exhibition. The light and reflections are sublime and each one plays that trick on your eye as you think you see them move.

Kate Richardson - Kate's super powers are colour and energised brush strokes. Big, Bold and Beautiful pieces. Find your perfect piece or treat yourself to a commission.

Leanne Courtney-Crowe - Eye popping aquatic animal and water studies are her thing. They make a great statement. The detail is astounding.

Mark Buck - Mark can turn his hand to any subject and produces a mix of illustration and wonderfully free sweeping brushstrokes which bring life and atmosphere to the canvas as if by magic.

Andrew Hird - Capturing the essence of Seaview, the Island generally, London and Venice, takes an agile mind as well as brush. Perfectly portraying the persona, light and feel of surroundings as different as a seaside village to city and from beach to rolling green landscape. Andrew is an accomplished en plein air impressionist artist.

There are also new works from Lynn Young, Andrea Sowden, Suzanne Whitmarsh, Lil Nutter and Caroline Ratcliffe.

While you are here please browse our jewellery and antique and collectibles ranges. Get yourself a little something and then have lunch or tea and cake at Lily's cafe opposite, the Fort Resturant or the Seaview Hotel just down the road. Make a day of it and visit our local beaches or walk along the coast to Ryde or Bembridge.

We take great pride in supporting the shop local ethos. We nurture and support our local talent. We thank you for your support on behalf of the Gallery and all the artists represented by it. : )