Shoreline Reflections

Sat 29th to Sat 12th Sept

This exhibition is full of high summer light, Seaview views of the coast and local beaches. Imagine yourself looking out across the Solent, watching the activities afloat, the familiarity of the sea and open sky, the distant horizon.

That feeling of wellbeing you get from Vitamin Sea and the feeling you can truly breathe deep and strong..absorbing the beauty of the coast and sparkling water around you..


Kate Richardson - semi abstract supremo Kate has a love of sailing and the freedom of being under sail is what drives her creative process. Colour, weather, racing, exhilaration and being at one with nature shine through in these new works - the Gold Series. Come and see for yourself: )

Fiona Moatt NAPA - Fiona captures the sea and the sky in a beautiful realistic style with impressionist softness which captures the mirror surface of water and light as they meet and mix. A master at the " Shoulders down" moments if you are looking to bring calm sparkling waters into your home then take a look at her new works.

Sue Stitt - Sue's amazing talent for creating  colourful, detailed local views in the old 20's/30's travel poster style is second to none. Click on her name on the left of theis page to go straight to all her images available. Each piece takes months to create on an Ipad with a lot of photos, sketches and visiting the place to make sure its absolutely right. She captures the essence of the Island and each image is released in a limited edition run of 195 pieces (this includes all sizes - its 195 that's it). We are proud to introduce the availability.ity of A1 size prints which are £495 and can be ordered in any image - that hasn't sold out - that you require.

Plus a whole host of other artists including George Kan, Lynn Young, Charlotte Hodge Thomas NAPA, Shane Couch, Learned Courtney Crowe, Andrew Hird, Suzanne Whitmarsh NAPA and Daphne Ellman SWA.

Opening hours and days are on the contact tab - see the top of this page...

Full PPE provided. 

Wearing is caring ; )