Sea, Sand and Sky

Features Mark Buck and Caroline Ratcliffe

Mark Buck has delivered 5 real show stopper pieces of views around the Ryde to Bembridge coastline. His looser but descriptive brush strokes really capture the feel of the Island and you can almost smell the sea air and hear the water lapping and gulls calling over head. From subtle misty shades to light and shade expertly portraying the sunlight you can put yourself in every painting and take in the calm. Any of these paintings would light up a room and any heart that has a connection with these shores.

Caroline Ratcliffe is continuing to refine her watery world of deep magical blue and turquoise seas and shoreline foamy breakers. Using a tempermental medium and making it do what you need it to do is an art in itself.. never mind producing these beautiful shoreline pieces. You just want to dip your toes in and wade along the shore when ever you look at these. The shiny clear coating over all the layers of colour completes the moving water look that fools the eye.

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