Forever Summer


Forever Summer Exhibition
This exhibition conveys the warmth of the air, the glare and sparkle of the sun on the wet sand and rock, the everchanging summer seascapes and the making of family memories from adventures on the sea and beach....That point in August when it seems that summer just might be forever! 
Ian Piper PWS EAGMA - Artist
PWS = Pure Watercolourists Society
EAGMA = East Anglian Group Of Marine Artists
Ian sees painting as a creative journey each day of which is filled with the excitement of capturing a moment in time before it elapses for ever. To make that journey rewarding and meaningful the painter has to have made preparation by learning and developing the necessary skills. 
Having gained those skills by attending Norwich school of Art and The Slade School of Art his opinion is that, "The traditional skills are what underpin all types of art produced today. From Fine Art to the most Abstract.To have these skills is to have the key to translating a scene from the eye to the canvas in the way you wish to to express what you see and feel in that moment". 
Ian describes his style as Contemporary Impressionist. His colour use and free instinctive style inject that feeling of 'Capturing a Moment' and make you want to stay, immersed in it.
Ian has exhibited at and with the RA, RWA, RCA and Mall Galleries London to name but a few, and his work is in HM the Queen 's collection. He splits his time between Ryde on the IOW and Norwich.
Guido Oakley - Sculptor 

Guido spends a lot of his creative time in an ethereal world of exquisite crystal creation. Its not Art for Arts sake its Art for the person as a whole - mind body spirit. The by product of which are show stopping Sculptures filled with high energy, fine grade crystals. This gives a beauty and power to his work (and your surroundings if you should be so lucky as to own one) which you'll struggle to find anywhere else. He is eloquent and a brilliant communicator and talks knowledgably about the whole creative process and the additional benefits involved, but there's more going on and on many levels.


Whether you understand the whole story of every piece he creates and what it means, or not, you will still be mesmerised by the achievement and effect.


Guido studied at Shelley Park & Central Saint Martin’s gaining a wealth of creative knowledge, experience & inspiration from both his work and travels.


Seaview Art gallery are the first Gallery on the Isle of Wight to show Guido's wonderful creations. Next stop London. We are all so lucky to have amazing artists creating outstanding work in our midst. Please come along and see the sculptures and quality Artworks.
Ivan Lapper - Artist
ARCA = Assoc. Of Royal College of Art
RSMA = Royal Society of Marine Artists

In the past Ivan has had a successful career as an illustrator of books, magazines and working for the press. He is an accomplished reconstruction artist and his work has appeared in many galleries throughout the country. He now focuses his observant eye on scenes of the Island and South Coast to jaw dropping effect.

Ivan is an Associate of the Royal College of Art and a Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists - elected 2010. 

Since 2000, his paintings and drawings have appeared in many exhibitions including:

  • British Modern Masters Exhibition, 2008
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters
  • Royal Society of Marine Artists - annually at the Mall Gallery
  • Singer & Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition
  • Royal Watercolour Society's 21st century Open Exhibition
  • Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours
  • Discerning Eye
His work consists of two particularly strong qualities..
Detail - learnt, honed and executed so well from his reconstruction work - leads you to recognise a scene immediately.
Observation - His execution of water, skies, light and shade make the scene come alive before your eyes. Triggering an immediate instinctive emotional connection...
a fantastic body of work.