Beach Life

July 21st - August 4th

July 21st til Aug 4th  the Exhibition 'Beach Life' will be adorning the walls.
The artists exhibiting are - 
Suzanne Whitmarsh NAPA - Bringing stunning simplicity and gorgeous colourways to the views you know and love around Seaview and the Island. 
Ann Hawksley - is an avid people watcher and with her accomplished colour popping contemporary impressionist style she portrays magical scenes of the Island coast line, family holidays and SVOD sailing creating lifelong memories and family tradition. 
Harriet Hue  - is a master of blissful scenes that make your shoulders relax and your bones warm from the sun. You can put yourself in each scene and connect with the simple feeling of summer and long days. 
Lastly Gillian Connor - brings humour and character with her Found Object creations - Boats, Skulls, Fish etc. all imaginatively recreated from Flotsam and jetsam from the Isle of Wight beaches. 
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