Featured Artists

Mari Lynch

Mari paints from her art studio across the water in the Hardway, Gosport where she keeps her little yacht Sarala, She has strong links to the Island and is addicted to life afloat. You will often find her painting while waiting for nightfall hooked on a Seaview buoy or at one of the many pretty anchorages on the island which are depicted in her nocturne paintings. 


These Nocturne themed paintings are usually mixed media including silver leaf and are on canvas or paper. Mari's Nocturne pieces portray a scene that is recognisable but with a hint of playful impressionism and occasionally a small pinch of abstraction. 


Night sails back to Portsmouth are a favourite subject. Mari likes to show how navigation and shipping lights merge into the clusters of shore lights fooling and delighting the eye at the same time. The viewers experience is further enhanced by the feeling that you are on board with her and experiencing the scenes around you together. She strives to convey the atmosphere and exhilaration of night racing. 


Mari continues this perspective into her daytime racing paintings, having competed in a Fastnet campaign and many Round the Island Races she likes to describe how heightened and all encompassing the experience is for her when she feels part of a big powerful fleet. It is the harnessing of the elements and the feeling that she is connected to all that is around you, which makes her senses sing.


Mari will take on commissions, they can be arranged through the Gallery. Please ask for details.