Featured Artists

John Comley

With a training in zoology and biochemistry I have spent almost my entire working life in the pharmaceutical industry engaged in drug screening research.

Having recently retired and acquired a beach hut in Seaview I set about creating some sea-themed pieces to decorate the interior. As a keen birdwatcher and observer of the nature this gave me opportunity to improve upon bird carvings I have been occasionally crafting over the past 25 years.

Inspired by the birds to be seen on Seaview Duver and The Hersey Nature Reserve I have created a collection of individually hand-carved 2D-wooden birds, covering over 20 species. The birds are made of southern yellow pine, are life-sized, painted with acrylics with emphasis given to realistic poses. I have also explored the use of wood to create some simple boat models and 3D sailing tableaux like those viewed off Seaview and the Solent.