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Ian Holtedahl - Finlay

Ian Holtedahl - Finlay


I was born and raised in London and from a very early aged loved drawing. I was always encouraged to create pictures, family and friends say they enjoyed the detail and stories I was putting down on paper. This love continued but I was never actually taught to paint, not even at art school which I decided to leave as I hated it !.


….So I taught myself. I had some interesting adventures, which along with my love of sailing, brought me to live near the Solent in Hamble in ’93.


I enrolled in some evening classes in 2000 where I lapped up the information coming from the tutor as I filled notepads and learned effects with watercolour. After time, I gained a few commissions from owners of yachts I was racing and so started an attempt to make a career out of painting. Later, I taught myself to paint with oils whilst working on my first oil painting commission and found that this was the medium I preferred.


I continue to paint whenever time allows and also create lots of small pencil drawings as time is often short! I get inspiration from strong ‘contré-jour’ (backlit) images of many subjects but throughout my life sailing and seascapes have been a focus along with wildlife from the world around me.  I love the dynamism,  beauty and interest in a scene, along with the play of light on both water and sails.


I have sailed since childhood and still race regularly in a number of competitive classes but my days of transoceanic sailing are behind me, for the moment at least.