Featured Artists

Anna Wyeth-Bell

Anna was born on the Isle of Wight in 1981 where she has spent most her life.
Her passion for Art started at a young age, and her decision to finally turn her love of Art and creativity into a profession happened in 2015.

Anna finds great pleasure and therapy in drawing and painting and over the years this has blossomed into a lot more than 'just a hobby'. She explores different techniques and mediums during her creative processes and considers herself very much on a journey of discovery regarding which path she takes next creatively. Being self taught her work has evolved though personal experience and experiment.

Anna has been in awe of the beauty of her surroundings on the Isle of Wight her entire life, so there really is no better inspiration for her work. The stunning seas , beautiful skies and dancing light on the water delight and amaze her and the desire is to capture a little bit of that magic and essence and pass it on to the observer.

Anna takes commission requests. Please contact the Gallery to get a quote for a piece and arrange.