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Ken Prust

Ken Prust Sculptor

My professional background has always revolved around art and creative media. Gaps being interspersed with family life and extensive periods of travel which ultimately have lead me to the Isle of Wight and a workshop in the woods.

I’m at one with my work, methodology and materials. I work intuitively taking inspiration from my surroundings; coastal, marine and industrial, what man has placed within these environments

In my sculptures I work predominantly in mild steel and native hardwood (principally oak) and of late concrete. I use oxyacetylene (gas) for cutting & welding and sculpt timber with the gas flame. Mine are not the sole ‘hands’ involved  in any piece; chance, the work of nature’s elements and ‘marks of life’ all contribute to the tactile quality of a given work. My sculptures, and wall pieces, are there to be engaged with not merely looked at.

Commissions and collaborations can be arranged through the gallery.